Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge

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Meet the Finalists in North America


LifeScanner - Wildlife

United States

Passive acoustic monitoring and automated detection of shark finning boats off Cocos Island

Combining Landscape Genomics and Connectivity to Protect Vulnerable Wildlife in Central Africa

Low cost sensor mesh for real time alerting and rapid response

Network for Environmental Crimes Targeting (NECTAR)

Satellite Imagery and Geospatial Predictive Analytics to address Wildlife Trafficking

Tank Watch -- The Good Fish/Bad Fish Tool for Saltwater Aquariums

Enforcement Gaps Interface

A Realtime Global Platform for Mapping, Forecasting, and Network Assessment of Wildlife Crime

Legal Atlas Toolkit on Wildlife Trade Law

Secured Internet Wildlife Crime Reporting System

Live digital invoices for real-time data analytics to enhance detection of illegal wildlife trade

Tracking Poachers with Satellite-enabled Smart Wildlife Camera Traps

The Trade of Endangered Sea Turtle Eggs: Detecting and Monitoring Regional Transit Routes

Enhancing Bird Market Monitoring in Indonesia through Smart Phone Technology

Using DNA based forensic techniques to address wildlife trafficking at a regional scale.

High throughput methods for locating source populations in the illegal wildlife trade

TrailGuards - concealed smart cameras along routes used by poachers with real-time communication

Ground-truthing anti-poaching response through SMART-enabled sensors

Making ivory trade socially unacceptable in Thailand


The sequence genotyping and high throughput sequences as forensic tools for the species protection


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